Fees and Registration


  • The fees are communicated with parents, directly.
  • Fees are payable for 11 months (January up to and including November).
  • Fees are payable at the beginning of the month, on / before the 3rd of each month (except for January when it is payable on the 10th of January).

Sibling discount

For a household where there is more than one gymnast participating in the programme, there will be a 10% discount on the monthly fees, for all the participating members.

Banking Details 

Capitec Savings (470010)
Acc Name: Kids in motion
Acc Number: 1914655514
Reference: Gimnas naam en van / Gymnast name and surname

Registration Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Parent/Guardian Name and Surname(Required)
1. Gymnast Name and Surname
Gymnast 1 - Select Option
MM slash DD slash YYYY
2. Gymnast Name and Surname
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Gymnast 2 - Select Option
3. Gymnast Name and Surname
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Gymnast 3 - Select Option
4. Gymnast Name and Surname
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Gymnast 4 - Select Option
If you have more than one gymnast, just put the number of the gymnast to whom the following questions may be applicable to. At the last lesson of each term we usually hand out a sweet treat (Fizzer, toffee, etc.)
Please select option below if your child have been diagnosed with (if any)?
By signing this document, you as parent / guardian agree to the terms and conditions of this programme (see attached document). Please also read and sign the Informed Consent Form as well as the Photo/Video Consent Form on the following two pages.(Required)
I, the undersigned, fully understand the risk of injury, that can occur during or after participation in the Kids in Motion programme. I, hereby indemnify all coaches/trainers of Kids in Motion of any liability for injuries that may arise during training sessions, provided that all possible safety measures deemed necessary for motor development activities and gymnastic exercises to be hit at all times. I have enrolled my child in a program of strenuous physical activity, which includes but is not limited to, gymnastics based body weight training, and over all body- conditioning training offered by Kids in Motion. I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any disabilities that would prevent or limit my child’s participation in this exercise program. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to inform the coach/trainer of any form of disability which include but is not limited to illness (cold, flu), soft tissue injuries acquired outside the training environment. Hereby I confirm that I have read and agree to the above mentioned.(Required)
I, the parent understand that images and video recordings of my child may be used for Kids in Motion publications, website, Facebook/social media, news media, print media, and marketing materials. I understand that no names will appear with these images without this written consent from the parent/ guardian and child. No home addresses, email addresses, or telephone numbers will appear with any images and video recordings. I understand that when enrolling my child as a gymnast in Kids in Motion, the parents/guardians/children agree that images of their child with a group of other gymnasts may be used on Kids in Motion’s website and Facebook page, or for other promotional materials, without authorization. I understand and agree that Kids in Motion may use these images and video recordings in subsequent years unless I revoke this authorization by notifying the Head Coach from Kids in Motion in writing. From time to time, we may take video recordings of the gymnasts for evaluation purposes. These recordings will NOT be used for any other reason except for the assessment of skills, by the coaches, trainers or appointed assessors. Subject to the above conditions, we grant permission for the images and videos of my child to be used for Kids in Motion publications, website, Facebook/social media, news media, print media, and marketing materials.(Required)